Discover the Journey and Milestones of MedicalPro – Building Trust and Innovation

Discover the Journey and Milestones of MedicalPro – Building Trust and Innovation

At MedicalPro, we believe that understanding our journey, milestones, and partnerships can help you feel more connected to our mission and trust in our commitment to healthcare innovation. Allow us to share a brief history of MedicalPro, highlighting significant achievements and collaborations that shape who we are today.

Our Journey

Founded with the vision of revolutionizing healthcare management in Asia, MedicalPro has continuously evolved to meet the needs of healthcare providers. Our journey is marked by dedication, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to enhancing healthcare delivery.

📌2023: Key Updates

👉 Collaboration with PMA: In 2023, we proposed a collaboration with the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) to advocate for healthcare digitalization among its 180,000+ members. This initiative aims to empower medical professionals with advanced digital tools and foster a community of innovation.

👉 Collaboration with PDA: We also proposed a partnership with the Philippine Dental Association (PDA) to support healthcare digitalization for its 44,000+ members. This collaboration seeks to enhance dental practices with cutting-edge technology, improving patient care and operational efficiency.

📌2024: Ongoing Marketing Initiatives

👉 Local Partnerships in the Philippines: We are actively seeking a local partner in the Philippines to represent and sell MedicalPro. This partnership will help us execute our healthcare digitalization programs more effectively, ensuring that Filipino healthcare providers have access to our advanced solutions.

👉 Local Partnerships in Indonesia: In Indonesia, we are working with Linda Salim as our local partner to represent and sell MedicalPro. Together, we aim to execute healthcare digitalization programs that will transform healthcare delivery in Indonesia, making it more efficient and accessible.

👉 Collaboration with MMA: Presenting MedicalPro to the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA), we are offering a collaborative partnership to launch an advocacy for healthcare digitalization. This partnership will help Malaysian healthcare providers integrate advanced digital tools into their practices, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.

Building Trust and Innovation

These milestones and partnerships underscore our commitment to driving positive change in the healthcare industry. By collaborating with leading medical associations and local partners, we aim to create a robust ecosystem that supports healthcare providers across Asia.

Join Us on This Journey:

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