Meet the Experts Behind MedicalPro – Our Expert Team at Your Service

Meet the Experts Behind MedicalPro – Our Expert Team at Your Service

Let us introduce our extraordinary team that powers MedicalPro platform. Our key team members bring a wealth of expertise and passion to ensure that MedicalPro delivers the best solutions for your healthcare practice.

Hershey Morgan – Founder

Hershey Morgan, the visionary entrepreneur and founder of MedicalPro, is revolutionizing the business landscape by transforming custom platform solutions into modular and scalable SaaS. With an unwavering passion for business and technology, Hershey aims to drive a digital breakthrough for Southeast Asian SMEs, specifically in the healthcare sector. She pioneers technologies, communities, and business support to empower SMEs throughout their business lifecycle, fostering a comprehensive ecosystem that supports growth and innovation.

👉Key Contributions:

  • Visionary Leadership: Spearheading the transformation of custom solutions into scalable SaaS.
  • Empowerment: Supporting SMEs with technologies and business solutions.
  • Innovation: Driving digital breakthroughs in the healthcare sector.

Kavashgar – Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Kavashgar, a seasoned IT professional with years of expertise, excels in delivering unparalleled solutions through Amazon Web Services (AWS). Specializing in AWS, Linux, DevOps, Chef, Ansible, and Terraform, Kava navigates software development complexities with ease. His commitment to seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies, adherence to rigorous security standards, and agile project management ensures that MedicalPro remains at the forefront of innovation.

👉Key Contributions:

  • Technical Expertise: Mastery in AWS, DevOps, and cloud infrastructure.
  • Innovation: Driving technological advancements and ensuring security standards.
  • Agile Management: Orchestrating projects for optimal efficiency and success.

Our team’s combined expertise and dedication are the driving forces behind MedicalPro’s success. Each member brings unique skills and insights, ensuring that our platform meets the highest standards of quality and innovation.

We’re here to support you: Our team is committed to helping you maximize the benefits of MedicalPro. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


On this 20-30 minute complimentary call, we'll personally guide you through setting up your account and show you how to fully leverage all the powerful features MedicalPro has to offer. This is your chance to ensure you're getting the maximum benefit from our platform right from the start.

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