MedicalPro Plans and Pricing

MedicalPro Plans and Pricing

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Standard Plan: 

This Plan tier caters to a wide spectrum within the healthcare landscape, including clinics of varying sizes. It's tailored for healthcare providers and administrators seeking to streamline appointment processes efficiently while prioritizing a seamless and convenient experience for patients seeking healthcare services.

Features:Everything from the Free Plan +:

Premium Plan:

This Plan tier is designed for healthcare professionals and clinics striving for elevated patient care and streamlined operational excellence. It benefits healthcare providers, administrators, clinicians, and support staff, aiming to optimize patient management, diagnostics, prescription processes, and analytics for enhanced healthcare delivery.

Features: Everything in Standard Plan +:

Elite Plan: 

MedicalPro Elite tier is tailored for forward-thinking healthcare professionals, clinics, and healthcare institutions seeking the epitome of excellence in patient care and operational efficiency. It caters to leveraging advanced features and analytics to optimize patient management, financial transactions, and strategic decision-making. The software is ideal for those committed to setting new benchmarks in healthcare, embracing innovation, and delivering unparalleled quality of care to their patients.

Features: Everything in Premium Plan +: