MedicalPro Affiliate Guides:


1. Commission rules : 

You will get USD 100.00 Flat rate commission on all MedicalPro Product Subscriptions when a customer makes a purchase through your affiliate link or use your coupon code. This flat rate commission is valid on MedicalPro Launching Period (January to June 2024) After June 30, 2024 the standard affiliate commission is 7 to 10%.
Performance Expectation: Inactive affiliate without any converted sales for the past 6 months will be automatically removed in the Program In the event that you wish to rejoin, you may sign-up and create a new affiliate account with MedicalPro.

2. How much can you get? :

MedicalPro Affiliate sales tracking cookie remains active for up to [60] days if the buyer doesn't make a purchase during the first visit, to ensure you will be credited for your hard work. With our average order of $ 449.00, you will get paid on average $100 per order. 

3. When would you get paid?:

You will get paid every 5th of the month for the sales generated from the previous month via your preferred payment method (We pay via Bank transfer as of the moment).
In order for us to send you the payment on time, please update your payment information in Settings > Payment.


1. Affiliate portal guidelines: 

Welcome to your affiliate admin portal. This is where you can get more resources and manage your tools in order to promote our brand better.
We have prepared a walkthrough video to get you familiar with the tools and resources
In case you have any questions, please contact us by sending an email to, OR reach out via chat portal in our website. Last but not least, for more information, read our quick guides to get started and some tips to grow HERE.

2. Marketing Tools:

Access MedicalPro Brand gallery in the "Marketing Tools" from your Affiliate Dashboard. All uploaded Marketing resources are ready to be used and shared.


3. Other Ideas, Strategies and Tip:

We will send a regular email to the email address you used during registration. We are commited to walk you through and succeed on Promoting MedicalPro products through our affiliate program. You may also join our exclusive facebook group for more Marketing support and updates from us HERE