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Premium Plan

Premium Plan

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The Premium Annual Subscription Plan tier is designed for healthcare professionals and clinics striving for elevated patient care and streamlined operational excellence. It benefits healthcare providers, administrators, clinicians, and support staff, aiming to optimize patient management, diagnostics, prescription processes, and analytics for enhanced healthcare delivery.


  • Expanded Capacity, Up to 500 Patient Data Storage for Comprehensive Patient Management: Manage and optimize a larger volume of patient data and interactions and streamline workflows with ease. Access up to 500 patient records, ensuring comprehensive and organized documentation for enhanced patient care.
  • Diagnostic System & Report: Sophisticated diagnostic system and reporting tools. Streamline diagnostics, generate detailed reports efficiently, and facilitate informed decision-making for tailored patient care.
  • e-Prescription: Seamlessly transition into the digital era of healthcare. Simplify prescription processes with our electronic prescription feature, enhancing accuracy, accessibility, and convenience for both patients and healthcare providers.
  • Data Analytics Reporting: Unlock deeper insights into practice performance and patient trends. Our comprehensive reporting tools offer invaluable analytics, enabling data-driven decisions for optimizing practice operations and patient outcomes.
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